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Newrow Newrow is a video collaboration platform that can be embedded into virtually any website. Newrow is the perfect solution for anyone with a website who wants their communities engaged in a completely new and dynamic way.

Multistream Collaboration

Newrow uses a patented multi-streaming technology that allows up to 25 people to collaborate in a virtual video conference environment, around nearly any form of rich media (think PDFs, PowerPoint presentations, documents, photos and Hi-Definition video clips), no matter where they are on a map. What's more, this rich media and video collaboration platform is viewable by an audience that can scale into the thousands!

Someone using Newrow for their next virtual meeting can now see, hear and collaborate with any viewer in their audience. With the click of a mouse, the host of a meeting can drag a user out of the audience and bring them streaming live into the meeting to collaborate or answer questions, while the remaining audience members are following along in real time. Any viewer can become a participant, and any meeting participant can be switched back to a general viewer.


Newrow is the first collaboration platform that can be embedded into any website. It's a fully brandable solution that allows you to customize to your specifications, so that you achieve the look and feel you want. Skin the player with your site's design and logo for a premium, professional appearance. The best part? Your community doesn't have to leave your web page in order to collaborate with or consume your media.


Newrow boasts a suite of powerful analytics tools that will allow you to peer into the effectiveness of your meetings. The robust tool set includes features that allow you to see the number of participants who joined your meeting, how long people stayed to watch, what sort of content they downloaded and so much more.

GSA IT Schedule 70: Purchasing Newrow Product Lines

GSA IT Schedule 70To view and purchase Newrow product lines, please see our GSA IT Schedule 70 (Contract #: GS-35F-0091Y) contract that enables Zappold Advisors LLC to further provide our government clientele with innovative IT Solutions such as hardware, software, maintenance, network services, cyber security, and professional IT services. The GSA IT Schedule 70 focuses on Zappold Advisor LLC's Digital Presence competencies which fall under Special Item Number 132-52 (Electronic Commerce and Subscription Services).


June 2017 - Zappold Advisors LLC awarded GSA 8(a) STARS II GWAC contract (for Functional Areas 1 and 2) to provide IT services and IT services-based solutions. Read more Read More
April 2016 - Zappold Advisors LLC awarded Content Delivery Network Services (CDNS) contract to support the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission through CenturyLink's GSA Networx contracting vehicle. Read more Read More
May 2015 - Zappold Advisors LLC awarded Montgomery County (Maryland) Government Consulting Services for Procurement Innovation Project contract to assist in facilitating innovation in the way Montgomery County procures goods and services. Read more Read More

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