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Limelight Networks Public sector agencies rely on technology now more than ever to engage stakeholders, drive operational efficiency, improve resiliency, protect interests, enhance data security, increase collaboration and innovation, support a mobile workforce, improve productivity, extend the reach of existing systems and quickly add new capabilities. As a result, the content you publish and exchange online is one of the most valuable assets in your organization; it's how you serve the stakeholders who increasingly come online looking to engage with you. And the technology you select to meet these demands has to align with your unique public sector requirements. After all, you are held to the highest standards of operational efficiency, performance, security, and fiscal responsibility. But technology alone won't solve your challenges; you need a strategic partner who can position you for growth as your digital requirements continue to evolve.

With high performance services from Limelight Networks, your online visitors will have access to your broad selection of content when, where, and how they want it. And you'll have access to our broad selection of scalable technologies - along with the experts who can help you leverage them - to extend your existing infrastructure. You also need an end-to-end platform that lets you fulfill your responsibility as a public sector entity: to disseminate content quickly, securely, reliably, and efficiently to the audiences who depend on it. Whether it's business as usual (providing an online registration form) or a colossal undertaking (warning citizens of a major disease outbreak), you need solutions that enable the digital experience your users want while adhering to the specific requirements of government and public sector outsourcing.

With Limelight Networks' Orchestrate suite of products, you receive the following:

  • A high speed, high availability, high performance content delivery served via a private, fiber optic backbone;
  • A secure, scalable cloud storage with built-in disaster recovery;
  • Website acceleration via a unique middle-mile optimization platform;
  • Video publishing platform that's as easy to use as pressing a button to upload and enjoy; and
  • Cloud security to mitigate illicit traffic during a DDoS attack.

Selecting a high performance, scalable, secure technology solutions provider is as important as ever. Limelight Orchestrate for the Public Sector can help you achieve your digital objectives. With a dedicated Account Management team, 24/7 Support, fully IPv6-compliant platform all designed to give your online audience the superior user experience they require, while giving you control over your valuable content and budget.

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GSA IT Schedule 70: Purchasing Limelight Networks Product Lines

GSA IT Schedule 70To view and purchase Limelight Networks product lines, please see our GSA IT Schedule 70 (Contract #: GS-35F-0091Y) contract that enables Zappold Advisors LLC to further provide our government clientele with innovative IT Solutions such as hardware, software, maintenance, network services, cyber security, and professional IT services. The GSA IT Schedule 70 focuses on Zappold Advisor LLC's Digital Presence competencies which fall under Special Item Number 132-52 (Electronic Commerce and Subscription Services).


June 2017 - Zappold Advisors LLC awarded GSA 8(a) STARS II GWAC contract (for Functional Areas 1 and 2) to provide IT services and IT services-based solutions. Read more Read More
April 2016 - Zappold Advisors LLC awarded Content Delivery Network Services (CDNS) contract to support the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission through CenturyLink's GSA Networx contracting vehicle. Read more Read More
May 2015 - Zappold Advisors LLC awarded Montgomery County (Maryland) Government Consulting Services for Procurement Innovation Project contract to assist in facilitating innovation in the way Montgomery County procures goods and services. Read more Read More

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