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Gaithersburg, MD - May 2015: Montgomery County (Maryland) Government awards Zappold Advisors LLC contract to provide various consulting services in order to evaluate current procurement processes.

Current News Zappold Advisors LLC is delighted to announce that we will be supporting the Office of the County Executive and new Office of Procurement within Montgomery County (Maryland) Government through the Procurement Innovation Project (PIP).

Through this effort, we will take a comprehensive look at procurement processes and the optimal organization structure for the new Office. Emphasis will be placed on identifying best practices in Government procurement, the root causes of existing challenges and verifying them through a thoughtful, data-driven discovery process. The PIP will also propose innovative recommendations that will address the primary challenges: speed of acquisition and diversity of awards.

All in all, this initiative seeks to take a new look at existing processes for acquiring goods and services. This will be accomplished by a review of best government procurement practices from around the Country as well as assistance from outside experts. This thoughtful, deliberate approach will help foster diversity and innovation.


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